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luxury swimming pools, spas, saunas, steam rooms & water features


A stunning infinity pool that disappears over a cliff......

......a modern indoor pool with clean-cut lines and a minimalist look......

......a luxurious basement pool with integrated spa......

......a beautiful mosaic-tiled pool in a heritage property....

These are only a few examples of what we can design and create, we have the vision, experience, education, training and the attitude to help you make your aspirations come true....!

Welcome to the website of Studio Aqua Spazio, global architects of luxury swimming pools, spas, sauna, steam rooms and water features. We have worked on a variety of projects ranging from small plunge pools and garden spas to big free-form infinity pools so we specialise in complex infinity/deck level pool designs and installation in demanding locations.

We are unparalleled in our undivided attention to our clients, we take pride in our high standards of professionalism, and we believe that no one else works harder to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result. We have worked with some of the finest designers and landscape architects. These experts utilise our swimming pool design services from right the initial stage so that the completed project is harmonious with the surroundings.

If you are reading this, we know that you understand the importance of having a competently and considerately designed pool or spa installed in a professional way. We just want you to know that we understand that as well and all our projects are designed to ensure that they provide years of safe and enjoyable use. For us, each project represents a new challenge, and we try to utilise every opportunity to discover new solutions and bring better quality to leisure spaces. By listening to our clients, observing their lifestyle, and collaborating with specialist suppliers and contractors, we bring innovative ideas to life.



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